About Us

Imagine you create a to-do list of everything that takes up your weekends, and somehow, out of the blue, insanely & magically it gets done.

Wont getting that notification on your phone really put a smile on your face.
And isn't that list endless:

Life's sometimes just passing us by when we are doing these, isnt it?.
Ever used a to-do list app, where you rack your brains on a Thursday evening, to ensure you dont miss out listing a personal task?
Now imagine a service, where 24 hrs after you put in the details of the task - you just get a notification stating that the to-do has been completed.
We are trying to build a truly magical experience for dunzo users. Think of dunzo to be like your right hand, your trusted companion who knows you and keeps learning from you each time you use it.

Just tell us your car needs to be picked up from the office at 10am, serviced and dropped back home, and it will be done.
No explanation of where, when, transacting cash. Just share a picture with us and Dunzo will do it.
We are growing very quickly in Bangalore. We started this as a hobby with 50 users, and now with referral are growing at a rapid clip.

A better way to

is here!

A better way to Get Things Done is here!